The Honor Fund seeks and supports the development of the McCallie Man.

Support the Honor Fund

This is Who We Are

The Honor Fund (previously known as the Annual Sustaining Fund) serves McCallie School’s alumni and donors, providing them with opportunities to connect with the institution’s immediate needs.

We believe it is our duty to unleash the philanthropic heart of the McCallie community to forward our school’s values and our vision for the McCallie Man in the 21st century.

The McCallie Man, 111 years in the making.

In 1905, our founders cast a vision through action and determination, with only an idea of what McCallie School would become. This year we’re giving you the opportunity to reconnect with their original vision, and recast it into 2017.

Nine Areas of Focus

The McCallie Man is shaped through a holistic approach to growth and development. Below are the areas of focus that we have identified as essential investments into the the development of honorable men.

Faculty Development

The Honor Fund supports faculty salaries and provides opportunity for our staff to continue developing their knowledge and skills. This ensures we attract and retain the best faculty possible.

Financial Aid

The Honor Fund augments McCallie’s financial aid program, allowing McCallie School to meet the demonstrated financial need of bright, talented boys from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.


The Honor Fund supports a rigorous curriculum personalized especially for boys to prepare them for college, career, and beyond.

Fine and Performing Arts

The Honor Fund supports McCallie’s dynamic fine and performing arts programs, giving boys the opportunity to pursue their artistic passions.

Student Life

The Honor Fund provides opportunities for learning and building brotherhood through extracurricular activities and school-sponsored events and functions.


The Honor Fund provides tools for innovative teaching and learning, making it possible for McCallie students to have access to innovative technology to enhance classroom learning.


The Honor Fund supports opportunities for boys to learn formative lessons in grit, teamwork, and determination through athletic competition and team sports.

Spiritual Growth

The Honor Fund supports the building of honorable men by helping to fund the programs that raise up our students with our core values of: honor, truth, and duty.

Greatest Need

The Honor Fund supports all areas of McCallie's operating expenses. This enables McCallie School to continue to create a distinguished and exceptional experience for all of our boys.